Maryanne Eve

Maryanne is a Mental Health Social Worker in Private Practice, accredited with Medicare Australia. She has serviced the Doreen/Laurimar areas and surrounds from Laurimar Health and Wellbeing for the last 5 years, assisting many adults and children through counselling services to manage their mental health issues.

In addition to providing generalist counselling sessions, Maryanne offers Hypnotherapy sessions addressing issues including the following:

  • Addiction, including smoking cessation
  • Anxiety, including specific phobias
  • Working together with the conscious and unconscious mind to change negative thoughts, behaviours and emotions

Cost: $175 per session (60 minutes approx).

**On the spot refund of $74 is available with a GP mental health care plan from your doctor. (You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have a GP mental health care plan).

Generally speaking clients require 1-2 sessions with a possible follow-up in 4 weeks time. Individual results may vary.

For bookings or further information please contact Maryanne directly on 0419144655.